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Stanton Draw
In-system view of a K-Type Main Sequence Star from within one astronomical unit

Project Cartography
A cartography cutter cruising deep space

Special Events
Looking out the window of a heavy cutter in orbit


Tomasius Space
A compass set atop a bowl of roasted coffee beans.

August Nine
A pen set diagonally across a closed notebook.

People's Front of the Democratic Stellar Union


The PFDSU hosts edge-case activities in order to improve access and confidence in the Star Citizen universe. Formerly, we operated in Entropia Universe as the PFEU and, before that, as the PFC where we ran weekly hunts; first on Calypso and then expanding to Arkadia and ROCKtropia. Our presence in the Star Citizen Universe is currently for the purpose of reconnaissance.

In the course of reconnaissance, we will be cataloguing activities to identify

Once identified, free-service activities (such as the Hunts used to be in Entropia Universe) will be listed with any attached dependency mechanics that are yet to be implemented. Once a free-service activity has all dependent mechanics implemented and is assigned both a team leader and a fund, it will be scheduled on this page with a link to the free-service draw in the left navigation panel of this site.

2793-April-30th: A great day in history!

On the 30th of April, 2793, the Governance Modernization Act had been put to the vote. It was a bill with potential for great good or great evil: A bill under which the United Empire of Earth would evolve into the Democratic Stellar Union and, thereby, the great leap away from tyranny be acknowledged. The bill was undermined by the contentious issue of where to relocate the seat of government; an issue which should have been raised separately at a much later date and only after a senatorial conference on the best location for government.

Reality is never so kind. Major issues were overshadowed by minor issues and the bill failed to pass by the slimmest of margins. Imperator Erin Toi understood the importance of the bill and still retained the authority, of the Messer's, to overrule the senate and force the bill into effect. Her Chief of Staff, Clement Redfield, said as much. What is truly worthy of celebration, on this day in history, is the integrity upheld by Erin Toi's decision; a decision she made against her judgement and desire for the new face of human civilization.

Against her own judgment, Imperator Erin Toi ratified the will of the people over and above her beliefs and desires. This making of space for others to live and breath beside us is how we can improve our lives in a way that is sustainable because it is, ultimately, in a way which will be supported by those who, likewise, benefit from our own moderation.

Origins of the PFDSU

Our choice of name, the People's Front of the Democratic Stellar Union, is intended honour the act of integrity committed by Imperator Erin Toi when she upheld the will of the people. The Democratic Stellar Union was, after all, her hope for an improved basis of governance and, having passed out of law, it is now to be propelled by a people's front. We were, originally, the People's Front of Calypso and, on expanding our operations throughout Entropia Universe we became the People's Front of Entropia Universe. As we prepare ourselves for entry into the Star Citizen Universe, we honour those who exemplify that for which we stand as we prepare to carry our mission under the banner of the PFDSU

violet main sequence star set inside golden-green laurels
Tuesday, ISO: 2024-July-23, 19:45 hours, UTC.